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Scholarship Recipients


Poqueen Rivera

Poqueen Rivera, a 16 year old sophomore at Santa Fe Preparatory School was selected to receive Northern New Mexico Art Catalogue’s first art scholarship for her dedication and talent to the ceramic arts. Poqueen is a tribal member of the Pueblo of Pojoaque and grew up in a world completely surrounded by art. Both of her parents have been a tremendous influence and have made a big impact in her interest in the art world. Her father is a noted stone and bronze sculptor and her mother a painter and print maker. Poqueen participates in cross country and lacrosse for her school. She intends to pursue a career in the art world and become an artist. She is currently advancing her knowledge of clay by working on the wheel in a professional porcelain pottery studio. Poqueen loves the possibility of becoming a full time artist and thinks that teaching pottery to young children would be the best job in the world

Justin Jew

Justin Jew is a 16 year old sophomore attending Manzano High School in Albuquerque, NM. Justin began his love of photography only a few years ago, at the age of 13. He grabbed a camera to capture the most beautiful scenes of a snow storm near his home. Justin's favorite form of photography is landscape and loves the outdoors, hiking and nature. He is blessed to have tremendous influences in his life. His father, Kim Jew has been a successful photographer for 33 years and has encouraged his son to pursue all aspects of study and life. This can be seen in Justin's love of sports and his desire to pursue medicine or the world of business, but he knows for sure that he will always follow his passion for photography. At the age of 16, Justin has been hired to professionally photograph architecture for Ethos Custom Homes, a home building company in the East Mountains of Albuquerque. There is no doubt that Justin Jew will be successful in any career he chooses as he continues to press the shutter on his camera! 

Hans Loewenheath
Hans Loewenheath is an 18 year old senior at Santa Fe High School who currently resides in Santa Fe, NM. Hans has grown up in an artistic and entrepreneurial  home and he is extremely drawn to the world of business, world economics and engineering. Hans Loewenheath and David Ovitsky jointly have received a scholarship from NNMAC for their most successful physics project. Hans & David built from scratch a ‘Mousetrap Car.’ They designed and constructed their car with one mousetrap, an old tape deck reel and several CDs for wheels. They achieved the award for longest propelled distance of 60 feet and most uniquely engineered car. Hans has decided to attend Colorado University in Boulder, CO in the fall and  looks forward to working on a double major of engineering and world economics. Hans would like to continue his education with a Masters of Business Administration, perhaps at Stanford or Northwestern University. 
David Ovitsky
David Ovitsky is an 18 year old senior at Santa Fe High School, currently residing in Santa Fe, NM. David has  grown up in an extremely artistic and entrepreneurial  home - one filled also with classical music. David loves more contemporary music but has been awarded this NNMAC scholarship with Hans Loewenheath for their joint collaboration on the best built ‘Mousetrap’ car in their school. He looks forward to attending Colorado State University in the fall to pursue a major in economics and a minor in business. David is an excellent salesman, once even selling the shoes off his feet. Later David would like to get his MBA and work in a large corporation.

Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning is 16, a sophomore  at Pojoaque Valley High School, and resides in the Pueblo of Pojoaque, NM. She thoroughly enjoys high school and does extremely well in math and the humanities. She is an accomplished artist, pine needle basket maker and tradional potter. Ashley has grown up with her family of artists from the Pueblo of Santa Clara, dating back many generations. Her mother Michele Tapia-Browning, her Grandmother, Lu Ann Tafoya and Great-grandmother Margaret Tafoya have been wonderful  inspirations to her. Although Ashley has the artist gene, she is seriously considering becoming an engineer. As she puts it, “I love solving problems, puzzles and building things.” While studying in college to become an engineer, Ashley would also like to continue her traditional pottery making.